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How do you get a dog from France to the UK without a car?

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It's ok, forget it.

It's going to cost far too much anyway to do it that way.

Just been quoted over €1000 to ship my dog from France to the US via a pet transport company. It cost less than that 5 years ago to ship him from Australia to France!

Looking at different options, one of them was to fly from Heathrow as there are more flights that will take dogs from there, but getting him there is going to be a nightmare and costly anyway.
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When do you want the dog to go back?  Does it have an up-to-date passport? 

Perhaps a friend can do it?

Alternatively, my husband is driving back soon to the UK.  He could meet you at Caen or St Malo (we haven't booked the crossing yet and so we don't know where and when).  Where does the dog have to go to in the UK?

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[quote user="AnOther"]If you are going to be an itinerant you really should think twice about having pets [blink]


Itinerant was never my plan, but life just happens sometimes. Hopefully will be more settled by the end of the year.

Thanks for all the suggestions to all, especially the daft ones, they've made a stressful challenge more light hearted. I'll figure out how to get him to the US.

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