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We have accepted an offer on our UK house [:D] but they want a quick sale as the lady is pregnant and wants to be in before baby is due, 1st week of November! We are looking for someone who could do a run from Nottingham to the Vienne with a vehicle to take some furniture and 8 ducks in a duck house ( all papers correct ) overnight ideally, who we would follow in the car ( with the dogs and cats.... I am SO going to film this for you've been framed[blink] ) is there anyone out there who feels up to the challenge?

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[quote user="Stella"]Hi Jo,

We're moving out stuff BACK to the UK on October 17th, arriving 18th, in Bristol.

So far, the van is empty on the return to France.

Will that help at all?

It's a 20 metre cubed van.[/quote]

Stella - I have sent you an email and a PM.

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Hi Jo,

We won't actually be going back.

We're moving to Bristol, lock stock, after many years away.

We've found a nice (family man) to drive our stuff back to the UK and he'll be returning to Nice (I think, certainly down that way) the day after he delivers for us. We're following him up the road too.

Do you want to PM me your land line and I can call you?

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