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Just tried to book on Eurolines from France to UK. When I entered card details all seemed well except it came up with message we can't proceed, no explanation given. I tried a couple of cards and got the same response. The cards are UK but with a French address. I am sure I have booked online with Eurolines before using the same card(s). Has anyone else had a similar problem?

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Yes, I was in Spain.  No joy with any card that I could put my hands on.  However, a quick phone call sorted it all out and they took my card details over the phone.

You need to have access to a printer to print out the ticket...............sorry, that may seem obvious to you but, where I was, I practically had to beg someone to use their printer.

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Many thanks Sweet for the quick informative reply. I thought I was going daft, nearly tried my Carrefour Card [:D] Did you call Eurolines in Spain?

Know the feeling about the printer we were stranded in Spain last year when car expired, could book bus tickets online but no printer. We had another similar experience with travel insurance documents. We don't know what we've got til it's gone springs to mind. Luckily we found a travel agent who was a Eurolines agent.

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