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Overnight stops Perpignan to Calais


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We are shortly to undertake this mammoth journey by car for the first time in many years.

As it is now out of holiday season we thought we would use the N roads and not motorways.

We have plenty of time so thought we would perhaps take 3 overnight stops.

The last one we intend to make within 100km or so of Calais so that we can face the final leg of the journey in England after the crossing.

Just wondered if anyone can suggest some relaxing, easy-to-find, overnight stops - preferably where we can get a slap-up dinner, bed and breakfast all under the same roof.

It would be nice too if there was somewhere to stroll around before dinner and a local shop where we could buy bread and cheese for the following day's lunch.

Our route will be: Perpignan-Beziers-Clermont-Ferrand-Moulins-Auxerre-Troyes-Epernay-St. Quentin-Cambrai-Calais.

thanks in advance.
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On the outskirt of the little village of Marquise (just South very close to Calais) there is a small hotel/restaurant called "Le Guindal". It has safe on-site parking, the rooms are correct and the restaurant is acceptable (all under one same roof, especially after a long ride!!!). The added advantage is the supermarket next door with 24/24 petrol station.

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I presume you will be taking the A75 from Béziers.

A very nice place about half an off the main road

is at

Saint Géniez d'Olt



but you would need to check that it is open at this season

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Thanks, Norman.

That looks nice.

We will be on the N road - going to avoid motorways this time.

Use the money we save to splash out on hotels such as this one.

Will check whether they are open as you say.

Think we might get a little further than that on the first day - Tramontagne permitting!!

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We did a similar thing on the "change-over" day at the beginning of August - saw no traffic whatsoever! One of the places that we stayed at was Clochemerle - otherwise known as Vaux-en-Beaujolais. The Auberge de Clochemerle did quite a nice meal.

We stayed in a Formule 1- type place in Epernay and blew the money saved on very nice meals in Reims and Epernay itself. In Epernay, a bank has been converted into a champagne bar that does food - seemed decent enough - we'd eaten elsewhere and went there to have a few sips ...



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We have twice stayed close to Epernay, here,


It is south of Epernay, close to Cramant.

It's a rubbish website, but Mrs Richard is a cracking cook if you book the diner gourmand, a bottle of champagne is included.

Mostly used by Belgians for some reason.

Both times that we have stayed it has been a good atmosphere, comparing days out etc.

The rooms are large and comfortable, some have been renovated since the website was last updated.

They also make very nice Champagne, we now take a diversion off the motorway to buy a case on most trips.
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