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Good News Barfleur returns to Poole


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I agree. The bay has been dead without Barfleur's comings and goings and for us it is the most convenient crossing - just 10 minutes from home to the ferry. I wonder what their schedule is going to be. The late night crossings were particularly useful. We were bereft for lots of reasons when the service was withdrawn. I did think that Barfleur had been scrapped though.....
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Wish I was sailing the world...

Perfectly correct, no buyer or charterer at present willing to take on the ship, so she is returning to limited operations, primarily for freight - for which she was originally intended. I remember going on her inaugural press trip in, I think, 1991 (and still have the freebie 'Barfleur Truckline' beach towel that was handed out for some unaccountable reason - maybe they expected her to sink?).


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