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Eurostar: Standard Premier


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A suggestion - if you're thinking of using it, don't bother.

It used to be called Leisure Select, which was the non-full fare version of 1st class. The premium for 'buying' it was typically 50%, but often less if you were travelling further, as we always are. You got a fairly decent meal, which was important for us, given the 4 hr onward journey and the hopelessness of the buffet car offering in TGV.

From last Autumn, they've renamed it Standard Premier and it's simply not worth it. You still get something to eat, but it's no more than a miniscule cold snack. We didn't eat any of it, nor did too many of the neighbouring travellers.

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I used to treat myself for much the same reason (especially having to get up very early and then have a a 6hr trip on a tgv!), but since St P opened, the trip from Lille to London (which I always used) did not make it worth the while - not long enough to have a decent meal without rushing - so just got the cheapest seats I could on Eurtostar and grabbed something at Lille whilst I was waiting for the TGV ....

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