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making baby legal


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I'm sure that there must be a simple answer to this one, but I don't know it.

A neighbouring family, who are Irish nationals recently came to live in the area; they are setting up a business and intend living here permanently.

A couple of weeks ago, she gave birth here in France - all very happy and seemingly uncomplicated, but...................

They now want to go back to family in Eire for Christmas and it has just struck them, how do they get baby through passport control?

She has tried contact with the Irish Consulate but was advised to apply for an Irish passport in the normal way, which would take many weeks.

They have asked us if we know the solution.  I said, "no", but I know a forum which does!

Anyone know?

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There used to be an exemption for babies - up to 6 months I think - that they didn't need a pasport.  They do now, you can't even put kids on the parents passport, they have to have their own.

Now here's the real kicker, for face recognition, the photo has to be full face, no expression and eyes OPEN !!!  the people who wrote the regs have no children I suppose.  I hope the passport office has a little discretion in this area.

Maybe they will have to go to the Irish consulate and camp out? [:(]

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[quote user="Pierre ZFP"]

Now here's the real kicker, for face recognition, the photo has to be full face, no expression and eyes OPEN !!!  t


The "eyes open" rule does not apply to babies (all of whom, after all, have the same colour eyes). Don't know if this applies to Eire who are, of course, at liberty to make their own rules...

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The Irish Embassy in Paris is amazingly helpful, and posted us out the forms v. quickly and couriered the final passport back.  While the standard wait for a passport is about six weeks, they often take less time, so if they get it sorted now, they will probably get it for Xmas.  Ours took less than four weeks, and that was in peak summer time and we have found the embassy really helpful in emergency situations.  They should call the embassy in Paris and get them on side, and ak them to courier it express from Paris (I think we paid extra for this).  There's no other option if they want to go back to Ireland for Xmas.

After spending ages lying the baby on a sheet and clicking a camera (funny photos, but none useable!) we went down to the local photographer's shop and he very easily took some for us (the big spotlight works wonders for getting the baby to look at the camera).  As far as I remember, the eyes did have to be open and looking at the camera.  Also, the embassy wouldn't accept the paper used in the local supermarkets for printing photos, so it is worth getting it done by a professional, cost about 12 euros

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The Embassy is normally the best way forward. I can't vouch for the Irish Embassy, but I used the services of the British Embassy in Rome when my daughter was born 2 years ago and they were excellent.

She was born in northern Italy. I filled in the application form and mailed all the documents to the Embassy. Less than a week later I took a train down to Rome and collected my daughters British passport and even a British birth certificate.

You mentioned a consulate, but normally only the Embassy can issue the passports and if you use a consulate all they do is forward everything on to the Embassy, which is potentially more time consuming, so they are better going direct to the Embassy themselves.

Best of luck.

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