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Santander - Plymouth


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Questions -

Has anyone used this crossing? 

Does anyone know what the roads are like after you cross into Spain?

And how easy is it to find the port?

And how long to drive from the border to Santander?

I am thinking of using this to get to the UK, as I  need to be in Bristol.  And since I shall be driving on my own, I'd like to find an alternative to the long drive north, with an overnight stop.  I reckon I can get there in the day (sailing at 21.00) arriving sooner than I could have done by travelling overland and crossing St Malo - Plymouth.

Any info gratefully received.

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We have twice done the Santander to Portsmouth crossing but we have stayed a few nights in Northern Spain before we go to Santander for the journey home. The roads when you arrive in Spain are quite busy motorways that seem to suddenly divide, (I find this scary but it is quieter on a Sunday afternoon than on a week day) It helps to know names of towns (for signs)  to look out for and also to have a second pair of eyes to read the signs. Santander and getting in to the ferry port is not too bad though both times OH has driven.

We took the afternoon departure and were able to check-in and park the car in the secure parking for the ferry and then go into Santander on foot for a quick lunch.

If you go the other way through France I think it is Roscoff to Plymouth isn't it?

I will talk to OH re timings and will get back to you with more info.

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That is most helpful, especially the timing from the border.  Pretty sure I could do it in the day, certainly, but I certainly don't like the signposting in Spain (had great fun when we went to Girona from here!), but I presume that the port will be well enough signed.

And yes, I think you are right, it is probably Roscoff, but still a long drive!

Ta, so far!

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