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EasyJet security delays?


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I've just a reminder email from EasyJet about my planned flights this week La Rochelle - Bristol and return; the message advises that because of increased security measures it is advisable to be at the airport 2 hours before the flight.

Has there been a change in security levels? I'm one of those passengers who, with only a rucsack, normally turns up in the last half-hour before the check-in closes; I hate sitting around at aiports!

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I don't think the security checks hae changed much but cynicaly I think it has more to do with the security staff taking annual holidays so there may be even fewer lanes open.  I flew via Luton recently (first time for me at Luton - isn't it grotty!) and of the 8 or 10 possible security channels, only 3 were in operation and very long queues.  I don't begrudge the staff taking holidays but I think it's up to the airports to cover these situations

I think it must be me though, recently I seem to be waiting in long security or passport queues whenever I travel!

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This isn't about outbound delays, but what may happen at the other end.

We flew into Stansted on a flight that arrived around 11pm last Friday. Not a good idea. A LOT of flights come in around that time - the last flights of the day for the aircraft based there. In order to prevent the passport control queues tailing back onto escalators, we were held - with the contents of many other incoming flights - in the corridors leading to the terminal, allowed to advance about 50m at a time by staff who were posted at strategic points in the corridor system. It took half an hour to get from the aircraft just to the central terminal building where you would join the actual queue for Passport Control (we were not on one of the outlying piers linked by the shuttle). We had arrived from a Rep of Ireland flight so we didn't need to queue for Passport Control, but were still held up for half an hour in the corridors along with everyone else. Staff said that this happened several times a week in the last hour or so of operations - indeed they have a standard operating procedure to cope with the eventuality. Fortunately the ventilation system in the corridors was keeping the temperature down to manageable levels. Tannoy announcements were made to inform people that they were being held "for health and safety" reasons (which was true - escalators are very dangerous in such circumstances). The system worked but the situation was uncomfortable and I would have avoided it (by travelling on a different flight) if I had known what was going to happen. The delays were such that you could easily end up missing the last trains.



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The email from Easyjet advises me to get to the airport 2 hours before the flight, so it's about security checks on departure, not passport control on arrival.... although knowing my luck I'll probably have delays at both ends!  [blink]

 Oh, the joys of air travel.  [+o(]

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[quote user="Pierre ZFP"]I flew via Luton recently (first time for me at Luton - isn't it grotty!) and of the 8 or 10 possible security channels, only 3 were in operation and very long queues.[/quote]A little while now since I've used Luton but there was a time when Iwas going through it every 2 or 3 weeks and I cannot recall ever seeing more than 3 or possibly 4 security channels open. At times it was so crowded upstairs that they were holdng passengers at the bottom of the escalators.

Were you truly wafted here from paradise ?

Nah, Luton airport !

(Lorraine Chase 1977)


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