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Brittany Ferries - Christmas

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Yes, I know that it's a bit mad to be thinking about it this far ahead, but having just had the last bunch of visitors for the year and with invites to visit them when we're back over for Xmas ...........

We'd pretty well decided to drive back this year rather than struggle with all the baggage and the purchases that Mrs G always makes when back in the UK.

Just had a quick look at the BF site and they've opened bookings for Dec onwards. Pricing pretty much what I'd expected - £400-ish. 

Does anybody know whether that price remains constant, or does it vary as with the l-c airlines?

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Yes Leo, but when you're heading for Salisbury, an arrival at Pompey makes sense. 

Then, on the return, if you've got a 10hr drive from any of the Channel ports, then it's not 'do-able' in a day with a landing at lunchtime (unless you want to kill yourself!), so you have to factor in an overnight stop. Comes up close to the cost of the overnight ferry and a cabin.

An 06.30 landing at Caen off the overnight boat, makes it feasible.  

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Brittany Ferries passenger pricing is driven totally by supply and demand - expected (in advance) and actual (as you get nearer the date). It's not at all uncommon for fares to drop as you get nearer the departure date and to end up paying less with BF than some other carriers, who tend to start low and then raise prices as the boats fill up (same as budget airlines), are quoting. I have often found this as I seldom know travel dates until a few days before.

The other side of the coin is, of course, that at popular times, fares are quite likely to stay the same or go up. And as the Christmas/New Year period is particularly popular, chances are you won't see the quoted fares get any lower.

Travelling overnight, with a cabin, at peak times, is guaranteed to attract premium pricing. If you are able to travel mid-week on daytime crossings you could see a substantial saving, but then it's often worth paying extra for convenience and comfort.

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