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FLYBE paying in sterling

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I cannot guarante this will work but it does with some airlines.


1.  Delete any cookies that might remember you as a Euro customer

2.  Book the return leg first - establishes you as a GBP customer.

3.  Book the outward leg with an earlier flight date - some sites have no problem with this, others will accept it.

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[quote user="Gardener"]Is it possible to pay for Flybe Flights in sterling if the journey starts from France.

The round trip in £ is about 100 cheaper than in Euros![/quote]

It is also cheaper to pay in sterling than euros for Eurotunnel - in that case, you just go onto the UK site, but after saying your want to start from Calais, it says, are you sure, and when you say, yes, it lets you book and pay in sterling  ..... there is a considerable difference in cost .... try it, it worked for me.

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