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Ryanair - CB - Mastercard - French prepaid?


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A quick update question if anyone knows..?  Our Neteller MC prepaid card is yet again causing problems (unable to pay money in).. We have an 'Escape' card in the UK (but don't have the login details with us  [:(]  ... ) So no ('free') card to book with for now..

This got me thinking - in order for the Ryanair fees to be 'optional', where does that leave 'foreigners' booking from outside of the UK? Is there a 'free card' equivalent in France?

We have a (French) CB with a Mastercard logo, but I'm not holding my breath that this in any way counts as 'prepaid' (even though it's effectively a debit card)..?

What's the deal with booking fees for people from outside the UK?

Many thanks for any thoughts/knowledge..

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Prepaid Mastercards are readily available in France - usually with an annual cost of around €10, or at least an upfront cost of around €15. A quick google.fr search revealed offerings from Yuna, Monerbookers, Corpedia, PCS-Card (CREACARD), Ultreia and Ecopay. Some can be purchased in tabacs. One return flight for one person with Ryanair will generally recoup the annual cost of these cards.



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I have a feeling that it may be against the law to charge for the use of debit or credit card transactions in France, not that Ryanair heed the French rules much but if your flight starts from France then you may just be lucky.

My reasoning for this is Norfolkline, old hands at low headline prices then adding fuel surcharges and credit/debit card fees, after a while they removed the card charges for bookings paid with a French card, then they removed them from all journeys starting from France even with a UK card although they jacked up the prices to get the money anyway.

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I'll probably try and book a spoof booking to payment stage and see what happens..

Am I the only one who regularly books Ryanair flights with different browsers/ip addresses etc to try and keep their website alogrithms busy & confused? Sad, I know..

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