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BF 2012 fares disclosed


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Portsmouth - St Malo, overnight sailing with cabin 16 April 2012, Caen - Portsmouth , day sailing with cabin 30 April 2012. Solo traveller with a 4x4.

Member discount of £128.40.

Total payable £289.60.

Savings made will more than cover the cost of renewing your membership frederick[:)]


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[quote user="Lollie"]Yes but the discount depends on how long you are staying, something I have only just realised. It has to be for over 10 days for the 30% discount. For up to 6 days its only 15%, and we often do shorter trips.[/quote]

And don't forget, you can also obtain a further discount on any BF 'offers' for the shorter trips.

Save 30% - Stays of over 10 days  
Save 20% - Stays of 6 - 10 days
Save 15% - Stays of up to 5 days

Save up to 10% on advertised promotional fares

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[quote user="Kitty"]What is the discount on single trips?[/quote]

A single overnight crossing with cabin, 1 person and car, Portsmouth - Caen in late October produces a price of  £130.00 payable. Discount is indicated at £39.00, plus of course one receives the £7.50 Breakfast discount in addition.[:)]

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To put it into perspective (ref : the OP) :  it is only a £18 increase on the same trip (out of UK and back same way) for 1 person and car + cabin for 1, from this last Sept.14th up to last night as I've just done. And I'm not a BF club membership cardholder. Maybe I should be ...


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