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Injunction or something like it


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I am sorry to inflict this on you lovely folks. I have no family  here. Not many friends here either due to circumstances. I have been seperated from my husband for nearly three years. I married here four years ago here. A big mistake. At nine pm last night my ex climbed over my locked gate and frightened me by peering through a window in a door. He was so very drunk. His speech was slurred . He couldn't walk straight; He had driven here too. This happens quite often, it frightens me as there have been violent episodes before. I live South Deux Serves, does anyone know where I should go for help. Thank you.

Unfortunatley I cannot understand all the french in the threads on violence.

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If you have been subject to harrassment or violence, then you should make an official complaint to your local gendarmerie.

You can also contact the Centre for Information on Women's Rights (CIDF) for advice and support.  Here are the addresses in your area of Deux-Sevres:

5 A rue Max Linder - 79000 NIORT

Opening hours:  Mon, Wed, Thurs : 9h-12h30  13h30-17h30 - Tues : 13h30-17h30 - Fri : 9h-12h

Maison de la Solidarité - 10/12, rue de la Citadelle - 79200 PARTHENAY

Opening hours:  Mon : 14h-17h - Wed and Fri : 9h-12h30.


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Sorry to hear of your situation.

There is some info on the legal system over here on this site, not sure if its of any use.


I would definitely speak to gendarmes. That way if he turns up you can call them and they will immediately know the situation.

Also, go and see a solicitor. Get some legal advice about injunctions etc.

Is it possible to go somewhere safe for the time being? Hotel for example.

Have you alerted your neighbours to the situation?

Good luck and stay safe.

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Before being able to seek an injunction you may need to file a complaint about his violence.  I believe you would only be able to do this within 3 years of a violent episode.  As Meg says, you must speak to the gendarmes.

I really hope that the situation improves for you.


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