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Sea France sailings suspended


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French ferry operator SeaFrance has suspended all services between Dover

and Calais ahead of a court hearing tomorrow that will decide the fate

of the ailing company.


Passengers with tickets are being transferred to DFDS sailings from

Dover to Dunkirk and are being advised to turn up at Dover as normal.

SeaFrance passengers turning up at Calais today were being advised to

make their own way to Dunkirk.

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Yet another decision regarding the future will be decided tomorrow in Paris, the decision to keep the boats at their berths was made to protect them from damage from the syndicalistes, methinks Seafrance knows that the bid from the CFDT will be refused.

Will they sail again or will this be the beginning of a winter of discontent in the straits of Dover?

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It is Liquidation Judiciare. The Court takes control of a company, and trades it, hoping to sell it as a going concern. All payments to staff, suppliers, etc are guaranteed by the Court for that period. All loan, mortgage, lease payments are stopped. Unusual it is so short. I've known them go on for years. They must be in a really, really bad state financially.

A guess. Maybe, the fleet needs some serious money spent on it? Certainly it will be something the day to day trading revenues can't match.
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" The Tribunal de Commerce was given the task of making a decision on the firm's future after the European Commission ruled that a €200m (£176m) bailout by the French Government was illegal. "

So who granted them these illegal funds ?

Who is going to be made to put the money back into the EU Pot ?

Who is going to jail ?

This is the sort of behaviour that has landed Greece in the mess its in. France would not behave like the Greeks ..rip off EU funds for her own selfish needs surely ?
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