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Ryanair - a question about changing flight details

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Just been on the phone to the worlds favorite airline [+o(]

I was asking to change my return flight FROM Dublin->carcassone TO Dublin->Charleroi

Can't be done apparently. I can only change my flight to a destination in the same country, i.e. somewhere else in France


I was told to read the T&C's as it says it plainly in there....really, i'll be a***ed if I can find it?

So, I have two questions.

  1. Has anyone been able to do said changes?

  2. Where in the T&C's does it say so? I will accept the fob off if I can be pointed to the relevent bit. The only blurb I could find is the following.


Flight dates, times and routes are changeable (subject to seat availability).Such flight changes can be made up to 4 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time either online (unless you have already checked in online*)or via a reservation centre (subject to opening hours). Internet/web only fares cannot be booked when flight changes are made through an airport or reservation centre. Bookings that include a Spanish resident discount or Spanish large family discount cannot be changed online, please contact a Ryanair reservation centre during opening hours.

If booked online the flight change rate of £50/€50 per one way flight/per person applies or if booked at an airport or reservation centre the rate of £75/€75 per one way flight /per person applies. In addition to these flight change fees, any price difference between the original fare paid and the lowest total price available at the time of the flight change is charged. Please note that if the fare on the new flight is lower, no refund will be made

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Yes, I agree. I can buy a new ticket for 88euro so I might go down that route.

I just feel agrieved (who doesn't when dealing with RyanAir) that the T&C's don't mention anything about only allowing changes to the same country and just being fobbed of.

Thanks for the flibco link, but I already know about them. I'm doing Luxembourg-Charleroi this weekend on the bus as I'm flying to Manchester for saturday night. In fact the return ticket for the bus is more than the return flight to Manchester.


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Yeah I know what you mean about being fobbed off and I would feel a bit miffed too. I can't imagine too many people want to change which country they want to fly to so I can see this case not being in the T&C.   It might have been better if RA just said 'we have no way to do that' (although I don't know why not).  I suppose the high fees for changing flights are there to deter any changes [:(]

If you were going Lux - Charleroi this evening I would have given you a lift as I'm passing by the airport later  [:)]

EDIT: and I'm returning Sunday evening if you want a lift back!

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