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Air France strike action between 6 and 9 Feb 2012


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In case anyone is planning on flying to France, as I am, next week, I received an email from Air France to say that things might not go as planned due to spasmodic industrial action that is expected between Mon 6 and Thurs 9 Feb.  They weren't offering any specific help, apart from asking me to make sure I checked the situation on line before travel, or checked my phone and SMS messages.

However, I chanced to visit the Air France WEBSITE, and there it said that you could change to another flight on a day or two before or after, FOR NO EXTRA COST!

So I have just done that - bringing my trip forward by two days to what would have been a far more expensive date and time.  [:D]  [:D]  [:D]


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Well that is very good. I'm glad that Air France have been so efficient and gracious. I know lots of people who have been stuck all over the place whilst using Air France and getting caught in various strikes. It was a company I have avoided because of their past history, but if they are going to be like that, I'll certainly look at their flights now.
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