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Walking sticks on planes


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Has anyone experience of taking walking sticks onto Ryanair flights? My wife has recently started using one and is travelling with RA next month.

Given how pedantic the airline can be, I was wondering whether there was anything we needed to be aware of?
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Thanks for that. I did find a similar post on here from 2008 and there certainly wasn't any problem then.

But, as we know, things do change and, although I am not anticipating a problem, it would be interesting to hear from anyone who has travelled very recently.
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I have seen people get onto Ryanair flights with walking sticks and crutches in the last few months. Please note that these have always been "blunt"-ended sticks: hiking poles and ski poles (which tend to have sharp lower ends) are specifically banned from the cabin under Ryanair's Ts and Cs.

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