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New Ryanair charges!!


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Ryanair said it was continuing to "deliver the lowest fares and a

no-fuel surcharges guarantee to all our passengers", and that customers

could avoid credit card fees by paying with a debit card.

I hope they would recognise my Mastercard as the debit card it is and not treat it as  a credit card..

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The eternal problem with french debit cards being treat as credit cards by too many companies. I did get round it with a couple by saying it was something else, but I cannot remember what.

They did an airline comparison on some consumer program recently and sometimes BA came out pretty well in comparison to the 'cheap' ones, just because Ryanair have cheap seats, but the rest is not.

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You have to compare like with like though; I can't remember that last time BA flew from Limoges to Liverpool for example... or in fact anywhere in France to somewhere close to where I want to go in UK.

We've been down this path before though.   [Www]

My suggestion for improving the Ryanair experience is that they should either allocate seat numbers when you print your boarding card or make those who board first go to the middle of the plane. It'd be funny to see people pushing to be the LAST to board.  [6]

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Probably my mistake of living in France in places that Ryanair never went near; but they were never an option for us. Geneva, Lyon and Chambery were our best bet, And when I say Lyon, Ryanair went to St Etienne, and not Lyon as they used to say, far too far for us to travel for a flight..... cheap or not. Fuel and autoroute fees and perhaps parking would have gobbled up any savings.

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