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BBCi Player mobile downloads for travel viewing


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It seems the  Apple ipad and iphone users are catered for here now .  I am looking forward to  watching  BBCi Player downloads on  my next trip over  If  its possible to get my  hands on my wifes ipad . . Anybody know when the expected  BBC app for Android tablets and smart phones is likely to come into service thus avoiding a mid channel domestic ? 

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Filmon is just great - I use it all over the world.

Or...another alternative for viewing BBC iPlayer and ITV Player, 4 On Demand, Sky Go etc via your PC or Smart TV outside the UK - is to use the Smart DNS service from overplay.net (about £3 a month). Requires a simple DNS number change - no software downloads!

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Thanks for the link guys .  But what I want to do is use an Android tablet with stuff from BBCiplayer downloaded for  viewing  where there is no internet access .  They have set it up for Apple Ipads ... They say the same service is coming for Android "soon "      How long is soon ?  

The BBC has released a new version of its iPlayer

app for the iPhone and iPad, which enables downloading of

programmes to these devices for offline viewing.

It has been a problem for some time: you can only stream iPlayer

on Apple's devices, so if you lose 3G

signal or are sitting on a plane, it's as good as useless. The

update today addresses this and allows programmes to be kept for

offline viewing for up to 30 days.

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Yes it is possible.  I do this on my Galaxy Tab 2 running Jelly Bean and it works OK, I don't know why BBC are so coy about this.

You need a couple of things, mainly the flashplayer apk which you have to load sideways.

Instructions HERE

To use it, you must use 'Inernet' as your browser (not Chrome) and then when you're on the BBC website you have to select 'Request Desktop Site' from the tools pulldown. 

I've never tried ITV or 4oD but I'm told it works there too

Good luck [geek]

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