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Cheap car rental from Poitiers Airport


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Does anyone know of a cheap and reliable car hire company - pick up from Poitiers airport - all well and good getting a 19p deal from ryanair - but so far the car hire makes the ferry and the journey down seem more appealing - financially!


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Try googling 'car hire poitiers' - there are lots of options.  We only flew there once and there were two hire desks.  I can't remember the name of who we used but it was the green one!  They were cheap and very helpful.  We left our Linguaphone CD in the car CD player.  We phoned them when we got home and explained and they posted it to us immediately!
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Auto-Europe and Holiday Autos are good at getting you a good deal. Auto-Europe will serve Poitiers.

I have negotiated a link which supposedly generates a discount off Auto-Europe prices .

You (or anybody else ) can use it. Follow these links if you want.


or http://www.goodviews.co.uk/location%20goodview.htm

 car-hire on those pages goes directly to Auto-Europe.

Sometimes a local contact may be cheaper, but often I have been told by the people at the desks that it is cheaper to book via the big internet consolidators like in top para above.


It is worth noting the the low cost carriers have their own car-hire deals. I have often seen amazing prices via the ryanair site. One downside being if its a busy flight as most renters will use their deal (Hertz) and so the Hertz desk has longest queues. Good luck.


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I have rented many cars in France and have always used Auto Europe as they broker the best deal available every time.  Some other companies appear cheaper but when you add all the extras they always end up being more expensive.  Auto Europe tend to use National Citer and Europcar.  National Citer are an excellent company with the best quality cars and the least hassle checking in.  If you rent a Citroen C3 it will always be with National Citer.  I've tried going with Citer direct but they always end up being more expensive that going through Auto Europe.  When you reserve your car with AutoEurope it will say who the actual car hire company is and you can always change the booking - their after sales is superb.


Good luck



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Try Argus car hire. We have used them from Bergerac. Although they don't have an office at the airport, they have an arrangement with one of the car hire company's there. I got quite a good deal using them and now always check them out wherever I'm flying to in France. They migght have the same arrangement for Poitiers.



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I fly regularly to Poitiers and have always rented through Hertz as they always seem to be cheapest compared with Avis and Budget.  However Hertz are now pressuring their customers to take out extra damage insurance for approx 7 euros per day - quite expensive I think!  If you don't take out their insurance they say that if they find a scratch you could be charged up to 800 euros!  I feel that this is quite dreadful considering that the cars are usually covered in dents and scratches anyway.  I would also be interested in finding alternative car hire next time I travel to Poitiers.
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[quote user="PeterG"]I don't know if you noticed but you are seven years out of date[/quote]

Peter if you click on WWW at the bottom of her post you might see why she posted in the first place.

Yet another way to try and get around the forum's no-advertising rule.


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