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20 years before the mast!


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As I was checking in at Portsmouth last night for the St Malo ferry, the Brittany Ferries clerk said: "Oh, I see you have been a member of the Frequent Travellers' Club for 20 years.".

Me (vaguely): "Have I?"

Clerk (cheerily): "Yes. You have a letter from the chairman!". And he passed over a small folder the size of a CD. "Take this to the Accueil on board, and there will be a surprise for you."

I did as instructed. The hostess at the accueil was all smiles, amd told me to take the folder to the wine bar and claim a drink of my choice...

I had to go back to the car deck ar this point, as I realised I had neither comb nor lipstick to make myself presentable at the wine bar, as I had arrived with an M&S sandwich and the intention of getting my head down in the cabin as soon as possible, anticipating a stormy crossing.

Coiffed and lipsticked, I made my way to the wine bar and brandished the folder, ready to order a stomach-settling brandy.

So as not to make this report a spoiler for those of you yet to reach your 20th anniversary, suffice it to say that it was a generous drink (specially as I was travelling on my own!) that I shared with some fellow travellers, and that there was a further small gift awaiting me in my cabin.

Happy travelling, and happy new year to all!

Angela. :-))
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Oh, Angela, how nice is that!

I love St Malo and would happily live there.  We used to stay at a "very French" B & B just outside St Malo and Mrs Goat (we called her that as she kept 2 goats and we couldn't pronounce her name) became like a friend rather than just the lady what owned the B & B.

We always only used Britanny Ferries as we'd do Portsmouth-St Malo and we'd go to bed and eagerly await breakfast in France the following day.  Happy Memories..........

Anyway, here's a very Happy New Year to you and, of course, to dear old Wooly..........

Great that he struck lucky; tell him that from me![:D]

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Aha, but, Sweet, if you are a member of said Club, and you have booked a cabin, you get a free continental breakfast in the posh restaurant! (Probably just a ploy to get you to vacate your cabin a bit earlier to help the cleaning staff, but nice just the same.)

It is such an expensive crossing at peak times of year that I usually fly, but sometimes feel the need for a real treat - and to be able to transport a bit more than is possible with Ryanair hand baggage.

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