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Brittany Ferries booking - delay in confirmation email

Mrs Trellis

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I booked a Brittany Ferries crossing a couple of hours ago and a confirmation came up on screen but no confirmation email arrived and the money has not gone from my bank.

is this normal or should I panic? (Unfortunately we need to go in August and some options are already full.)

Another unrelated payment via Nationwide today showed up on my account almost immediately.
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Did you print the screen confirmation?  If you did, then you'll have a booking reference and the confirmatory email has probably just got stuck.  You can always ring their call centre for reassurance.

If you didn't, then you're still going to have to ring the call centre to see if they can see your booking.

I'd be less worried about the money not going out yet!!

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Thank for the link. It's there! I looked at the website yesterday but couldn't find a 'manage my booking' or whatever.

Still nothing received from them. I gather they will take a deposit and the rest later in the year. All the other travel I've booked has been paid in full at the time of booking.
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Mystery solved!

I phoned Brittany Ferries today and, unknown to me, Gmail now puts emails from companies into 'Promotions'. I never look in that; I do check spam just in case any emails have gone astray but I never even noticed the Promotions tab on the top line.

So if you have Gmail and are missing emails - they might be in 'Promotions'..

And when you go to 'move', Inbox isn't an option!

Ridiculous. Now I know why I stopped getting the Lidl newsletter.....
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