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Roscoff/Cherbourg to Ireland ferry - anyone done it?


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The missus wants to go to Ireland next year, ideally in May, and I see that we can go direct by ferry from either Roscoff or Cherbourg.

Neither of us are brilliant sailors and although it's a long crossing it's at night and we'd hire a cabin.

Has anyone done that route, please? Would you recommend it?


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Not me, but our elder son & DIL did Roscoff - Cork in early June this year.

The ship on that route is normally the Pont Aven, the 'flagship' of Brittany Ferries' fleet. Its a nice vessel, and I'd reccomend taking a 'de luxe' cabin. We did last NY on a Pompey - St Malo crossing and it was very civilised. Not cheap, but you get what you pay for.

We advised son similarly, but he went for the cheapest cabin - he conceded afterwards that we were probably right.

The restaurants onboard are excellent, but the evening dep ex Roscoff may preclude using the main waiter service restaurant, depending on your precise date of travel. In that case, there's apparently plenty of choice on dry land!

BTW, son & DIL love Ireland, so if its your 'cup of tea', then you probably shouldn't hesitate.
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 I am pleased to hear that Brittany Ferries is still nice. It was too far west for us to use more than a couple of times, but we liked them.

Irish friends and french friends did that trip with Irish ferries and neither liked the boats they were on. And our irish friends had bad crossings both ways, so went back to crossing to England and through Wales and then another ferry. Our irish friends do that voyage regularly, french friends were just on a one off holiday.

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Many on here will know more than than me, but I'd just say from my own experience that most of the time, its absolutely fine.

Years ago, we had a horrible crossing Dover - Boulogne (obviously a very short one). Since then .............. basically calm over many crossings.

Don't fret over it, otherwise you'll just never do it.

BTW, look at the BF all-in Irish packages for the crossing + accom. Might be interesting.
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that crossing can be a bit "lively" if you're unlucky, we've been told

Can't be any worse than the Bay of Biscay which I survived - when all other ships were grounded, even if most of the glassware didn't.  With BF.  As I recall the Pont Aven is pretty good and modern with stabilisers so should be ok.

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Thanks, Judith.

I felt queasy travelling the 6 or so hours from the Piraeus to Paros, but it was 1992 on a typical Greek ferry. Bought a "cabin" when onboard and found that much better.

Survived an 8-hour crossing from Cherbourg to Weymouth in a force 10 - yes, they DID sail! - but don't wish to start & end a holiday in that way.

Mrs WDII? is also not a keen sailor but we both like the idea of driving to Roscoff and waking up the following morning in Ireland, with everything she (!) can put in the car as opposed to aircraft luggage.

Seems May should miss the worst of the weather, unless we're very unlucky, and a premium cabin, rather than a basic one, will make things more comfortable.

Looks like we'll chance it.

Thanks again,

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