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French / Spanish border - A9, holdups?


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Does anyone know the state of the border crossing from France to Spain on the A9, ie south of Perpignan?  Given the (supposed) current state of emergency, I wonder if anyone knows how long the queues might be.  We are crossing on Thursday, and don't know whether to take avoiding action or not, it being the height of the summer season here, and the alternative being a slow route at the best of times, even without all the tourists.

Many thanks for your thoughts / knowledge / advice.

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Can't give first-hand recent experience of the A9, but the France/Andorra/Spain crossings (at La Seu d'Urgell for example) are easy enough for friends to pop over to the market each week... .

Of course that isn't such  a major route  as the A9 is, but it may give an indication.

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Thanks everyone.

Since my TomTom upgraded itself I seemed to have lost the traffic flows it once had ... sadly.  Looks like it will have to be suck it and see, I had thought of going through Le Perthus, but maybe that will be just as bad.  The Banyuls route is likely to be OK, but it is so tortuous and bound to be busy with tourists, though the crossing itself should be fine ..

I think I'll just have to play it by ear (or view) and see what it's like on the approach ... suspect the D11 is busy with shoppers and people trying to escape the autoroute crossing.

We will try to be crossing early afternoon so maybe not too bad as they may all be at lunch still!


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Hi everyone,

Back today - well, what a "disappointment"!  Traffic slow, through the border, due to road works, but no obvious checking being done ... and no obvious hold ups (other than poor driving and the usual slow down due to pressure of circulation).  Quite a surprise, given that France is supposed to be on a state of emergency.

Likewise the return just after midday today ... no obvious signs at all.

I was told that these days they check at the peage at La Jonquera without you knowing, but no idea how true that was.  Nor what it would be like on a weekend or a black Saturday ...but that's what happened to us. 

Fuss about nothing really, though I still do not like the Spanish side at all!

Had a pleasant break and didn't really want to come back other than to sleep in one's own bed is always so nice after being away!

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