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Immigration regulations in France

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Since you also asked the same question yesterday, I suggest you answer the question posed there. It will make giving a useful answer so much easier and so much more concise.

I will repeat the question here. What nationality are you? It makes a very big difference to the answer.
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In the UAE, being out of country for more than six consecutive months automatically ends resident status. Mr ...... Left the UAE on December 16, 2016 for Nice, the nearest airport to his magnificent house in Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat, the richest commune of France, where he lives since, far from His little family that he left in Dubai ... But he can not return to Dubai where he is expected firmly. Too bad, if he can no longer take refuge there, he is now within the reach of the German prosecutor who is closely interested in the Luxembourg company African Gold Partners of which he would be the real owner. Seized by a criminal complaint filed by dissatisfied shareholders of Pearl Gold AG, which he attempts to defraud by means of a contract of sale accompanied by exorbitant penalties. The German public prosecutor would already be interested in the accounts of lawyer Lutz Harthmann, former CEO of Pearl Gold AG. He still has Switzerland, where he could be tempted to ask for his residence, which would shelter him from the French tax and the German and French judges .. but in Switzerland too, business could catch him !! False testimony, corruption ... Are punishable offenses !!

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