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Traveling from Poland to UK through France with American Staffordshire Terrier- Eurotunnel.

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Hello. I'm here with few questions, because all reading of random posts from all over the internet left me the most confused I've ever been in my life. Lets get to it. I live in UK, but I'm from Poland. When I was leaving my country, i left my dog with my parents in Poland. The dog breed is American Staffordshire Terrier (Amstaff), not a Pit Bull. I've read somewhere that this breed is banned both in France and UK (It's category 2 in France if i remember correctly?). While i can get information directly on UK side and sort legal stuff here, I cannot call anyone on the french side of the Eurotunnel to see how it's looking over there. So here is my question. If I'm traveling to UK with my dog which is apparently banned, but I'm only traveling through France without staying in there, can I take the dog with me? And if I can, do I need anything special with me apart from the obvious stuff that's needed with every other dog breed (passports, microchip, other stuff like that).

I hope someone here can help me see clearly through all of this confusion. I don't know if anyone will respond to this post, but it's worth trying. If you do respond, thank you in advance.
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Firstly is your dog a pedigree with papers? If so they are CAT 2. They aren't banned in France. Cat 2 means that you have to have special training to own one, have to have them neutered and keep them on a lead and muzzled in public places. These are the requirements:

registered in a French “livre des origines” - or any other studbook recognised by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) - and have the documents to prove it. This does not apply to Rottweiler or Rottweiler-type dogs. 2. be properly identified (with a tattoo or microchip), have an EU pet passport and a valid rabies vaccination.

Conditions for ownership: The owner must…

3. comply with the following requirements: - be of 18 years of age at least - not be under guardianship (unless the judge authorizes ownership of the dog) - not have been condemned to a prison sentence for a crime included in the Bulletin 2 du Casier Judiciaire (or equivalent criminal record clearance for foreign nationals)

4. hold an “Attestation d’aptitude”, which can only be delivered by a French instructor after a minimum of 7 hours of training.

5. prove that the dog has undergone a behavioural assessment, which can only be carried out by a French vet authorized by the Prefecture.

6. subscribe a specific third-party insurance policy for any damage the dog might cause in France.

7. keep the dog on a lead and muzzle it at all times when in public

8. obtain an ownership permit (Law dated 20.06.2008) from the local authority by showing his/her ID card, as well as the following documents for the dog: - ID registration card - EU pet passport with rabies vaccination record - third-party insurance policy - behavioural assessment certificate - attestation d’aptitude

9. register the dog with the National Canine Registry after 3 months. However these are the requirements for staying in France..not for passing through.

If your dog is not a pedigree it can be more complicated as they are a CAT1 (ie has no papers proving origins), they cannot be brought into France.

All things said, there are plenty of people walking around with Cat1 type dogs that have never been categorized and pet passport checks are rarely carried out in mainland Europe. I would have thought where you could have the most difficulty is getting into the UK with it.

I always muzzle our dog when we go on the tunnel or through customs as he gets very protective of the car. Mostly the customs people just laugh at him as he makes a fuss.
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Thank you for your answer ? So I guess that as long as I'm just passing through France and keeping my dog in the car there should be no problems? I'm not sure about pedigree papers, will have to ask the rightful owner (my sister).
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I'm not a dog person so I don't know but I understand that Germany has even stricter laws about breeds of dogs and I think you will have to drive through there to get to France.

There is then the question of rabies jabs/worming etc which has to be done in a certain time frame before importing to UK which I'm sure you're aware of.

EDIT: Ooops sorry, that last point was covered by lindal100 above

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