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First Air France A380 to be scrapped


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What a shame. We flew on this plane from CdG to San Francisco and return in 2014 (I've got the reg no on photos). We thought it was brand new at the time, as the A380 service to SFO had only started a few weeks previously, and it certainly felt new on board, but apparently it was built in 2010. Fabulous plane and great AF service on that flight, contrary to what we were expecting according to reports.

These planes are too big to fly economically apparently and never fly at full capacity. Air France has 10 A380s and will retire all of them by 2022.
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When we lived in the suburbs of Paris a few years back, we were on the glide path into CDG.

The A380 was fantastic to watch coming into land.

The Emirates was the best one because it flew right over our apartment.

I used to show off my willy on my balcony to see if the underneath cameras would pick it up.

If you google it I am on you tube. LOL
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