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nature de la taxe


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I receive this facture every year and under the heading it says,"Taxe departmentale pour les Espaces naturels sensibles". Can anyone tell me if this should be paid every year? as some of my neighbours do not get the same bill.

 Also if i have some information regarding a very iffy company that build new houses, of which i have first hand experience, am i aloud to warn others via this site?


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All the info you need about TDENS: http://www.environnement.ccip.fr/icpe-sites/aides-taxes/taxe-espaces-naturels.htm

About the other matter, kindly refer to the forum Code of Conduct, which states that

"There is to be no 'naming

and shaming' on the site. If you have any complaints about particular

individuals/companies then contact the relevant parties or authorities."
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