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History - covering Ruffec (16) area?


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Can anyone help us with this please? [8-)]

We have been following with interest the threads about Oradour Sur Glane, and WB's book about the Civil War in the Vendee, and wondered how we can find similar info for the Charente region.

Would anyone know how we can find out the history,  for the Ruffec PC (16) area? Books - websites - old maps - videos/DVD's, etc.

Would be particularly interested in the 20thC. 

Many thanks

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Have you heard of the Cockleshell heroes?  They went in pairs in coracles up the Gironde estuary to bomb German shipping in Bordeaux harbour.  I believe that the only 2 survivors ended up in Ruffec before getting back to England.

I am sure you will find something more definite if you google them.

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