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Must I pay tax to ship my stuff from US to myself in France?


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I've read threads on the subject of import taxes, but I'm still a bit confused.

I'd like to ship a box of  (used) linens and maybe a few other surplus household goods to use in our maison secondaire.  It seems silly to buy new when I have more than I need in the US, but I really don't want to schlep them in a suitcase.

I've never seen a Customs form that provides for this kind of thing.  Is it possible to do this without being liable for French duty?  If not, where can I find the rates?

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I have shipped numerous packages of used clothing, linens, pots and pans to myself from the US to France.  On the US customs form I simply write "used clothing" or the appropriate statement and show the value as very low.  I have never had the French Customs authority intervene on these kinds of items, though I suppose they could have.  All these items were sent via the US Postal Service.  On the other hand, I send a used bicycle frame via FEDEX and was required to pay a hefty customs and VAT charge.  I have concluded that items going via special shipping companies are much more likely to be charged customs fees.  Good luck!


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