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British Bishop denies Holocaust


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Best ignored and treated with the contempt he deserves.

Still (I believe), he has apologised, so that makes it OK.  Thus a much less heinous crime than Thatcher's gaffe. [:'(]

Oh and before anybody jumps all over me (and not wanting to start a rival thread), she was an idiot who should have known better, but it has already received 1000x the coverage it deserved. Far more important things happening in the world and the people responsible for blowing it all up in the first place should just have 'read her palm' and left it at that.

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Hi Odile, nice to see you back. I hope all is you are well. I'll catch up with you on 'qui veut chatter'.

The pope was trying to heal a schism in the church. He needs better advisors. The bishop was one of a group of traditionalists excommunicated following the modernisation in the 1970's. I think the bishop lost his 'job' in Argentina(?) following these revelations.

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[quote user="odile"]but what on earth made the Pope decide to reinstate him???? My dad was excommunicated for marrying a divorced protestant!

You forgot to mention your father was a Cardinal...

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I watched the video given at the beginning of the thread. I initially thought it quite repulsive and incredibly insulting especially to those that died in the Holocaust and the survivors that are still around. I watched it again and then realised the guy does not believe it himself really if you watch his body language. Anyway he is a disgrace to his 'cloth' and to humanity in general. He needs to go on a trip to Auschwitz, the Holocaust museum in Israel, or similar. Then see if he spouts the same rubbish, perhaps one word will do... Idiot.

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