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Interesting academic site with video lectures


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Apologies if this has been posted before.

I find this site very interesting for its English language University level lectures on many aspects of French History and Culture

A bit like Open University.


A good 'taster' is this one on French centralisation on Paris:


or this on drink [:)]


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Thanks for link, an interesting  pot-pourri from the best American Universities.

I usually delve straight into a particular university and my favourite is MIT.

Academic Earth lists 23 courses from MIT, as a contrast if you access the MIT site you will find more than 1900 courses available.


The other universities are similarly fruitful but for me MIT is tops allowing download of material to the hard disk for convenient off line study.

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Thanks, I've just browsed through some of those with anticipation of lots of hours of pleasure.

Sticking just with French related courses (which I won't do) the following link is a good example of the sort of resources available which might be interesting to people on this board trying to improve their knowledge of French:


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