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If anyone is interested, I found what I needed here:


This is obviously for the Charente but I believe the Napoleonic cadastral plans have been digitized for all departments and are available through the respective departmental websites. Interestingly, my barn is at right angles to the barn that existed in 1825 and has probably been built using some of the stone from the 1825 original, which might explan why I keep unearthing stones the size of footballs in what is now my garden!!
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Chez-moi, early XVIIII century, magnification portion of sheet from cadastre napoléonien.

The link has become deactivated. But the archimaine site has archival material available free for several french departments, including Deux-Sèvres.


Deux Sèvres cadastre napoléonien: Click on link; Click on letter corresponding to first letter of commune; Click on commune: Select from table the sheet required, some communes have general plan of the "feuilles" available. Dont forget the parish records, my own commune has records dating from the XVII century.



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