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Did anyone see « La Télé de Sebastien », France 2, last night?

There was a wonderful moment when Patrick Sébastien said he had asked Allain Bougrain Dubourg to put a film to Michel Berger’s song « Je veux chanter pour ceux qui sont loins de chez eux » (I want to sing for those who are far from their home…).

The result of the idea and Alain Bougrain Dubourg’s work was so moving that it was nearly difficult to watch, showing animals in their natural habitat and then their distress and suffering behind bars, in cages and during transport, etc.

There was no commentary, just the images and the song, which went right through you. A « grand chapeau » to Patrick Sebastien and Allain Bougrain Dubourg. What a shame Michel Berger is no longer here to see how his beautiful song has been used, a wonderful contribution to the « cause animale ».

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