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Tree frogs again

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Hibernation or partial hibernation takes place for both species between Oct and March - BUT - it all depends on the temperature, in other words if it stays relatively mild they remain active to some extent. "Hibernation" is in holes in the ground, other underground cavities, beneath old trees or wood/leaf debris, stone walls; all the usual types of places that we expect to find frogs and toads.

The relatively mild nights and warm sunny days that we have had this autumn seem to have provided an extended period of activity for a number of species as well as holding back some migratory birds.

The problem with "tree frogs" as with humans is that the males make a lot of noise. Chris


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Many thanks for the link to your tree frogs info, Chris. Our resident population seem to be the stripless ones (a short eye stripe only) and they are certainly still in full voice at the moment. They fascinate our visitors as they often climb up the outside of the windows in the evenings and their little suckered feet seen from the inside look like something from outer space! There is something very tropical about their bright green colouring and their calls, which seems quite strange in rural France. It's sad to hear they are in decline, though I'm glad to report we seem to have quite a sizeable local population at the moment.

Best wishes,


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