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Eradimouse stockist?

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Does anyone know if it is possible to buy Eradimouse (or Eradirat) in France? At the moment we have an infestation of mice in the roof and along the ceiling beams where the cat can't get at them. We are reluctant to use the usual haemorrhage-inducing poisons which are fairly horrendous for the mice and also get into the food chain. The Eradirat products, for those who have not come across them, are claimed to work in an entirely different way, making use of the fact that a rodent's gut cannot cope with overload (they can't vomit). The 'poison' is in fact just treated grain which overloads the digestive system inducing sleep, coma and death, usually in the animal's own nest. Once the mice have died there is not much smell as they dessicate quite quickly. The products are not dangerous to other animals (dogs, cats, livestock etc) or to birds and wildlife.

I have found on-line stockists who will mail to the UK but have not seen the products on sale here. Any information appreciated.


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Val - I use the Organic Gardening Catalogue (Chase Organics) in the UK for my organic seeds and they mail them to me in France and as they stock Eradimouse you could try that route. Their order line number is 0845 130 1304.

The other method apparently (that I haven't tried) is to put down bowls of potato flour, I don't know if instant counts, and nearby you put bowls of water. Having eaten the potato flour the mice become very thirsty, drink the water and die of extreme bloat, seems much the same process as Eradimouse.

Cheers, Chris


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I have had great success at riding the house of mice using

the humane traps (the small cages with a sprung door that closes shutting them

in.  I have use them in attics, etc.

baited with Leerdamer (which seems very effective).  I seem to catch something in a trap most nights until suddenly

nothing (when all the mice have gone)- i.e. if the mice are there, they get


Has to be said that sometimes the mice have trapped a foot

in the door that is cut so they are not totally harmless but on all occasions

the mouse has scampered away without any problems.

They are available pretty well everywhere and seem to

attract mice out from between floorboards, etc.


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