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Water warning for 2006

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Nelly Olin has warned today of a particularily difficult year ahead with automn rainfalls well below the amounts required, Poitou-Charentes is of particular concern with many underground reserves at their lowest levels since recording began.

Après la sécheresse de 2005, la France doit se préparer à une nouvelle année 2006 très difficile, les pluies de l'automne ayant été loin d'être suffisantes pour recharger les nappes phréatiques.

La ministre de l'Ecologie et du Développement durable, Nelly Olin, va lancer jeudi un appel à tous les acteurs économiques pour les alerter sur les difficultés à venir, indique-t-on mercredi dans son entourage.

"Nous avons eu un gros déficit de pluie à l'automne. Aujourd'hui, nous sommes à mi-chemin de la période de recharge des nappes phréatiques et il manque, grosso modo, 50% de pluies sur la plus grande partie du territoire".

Obviously, none of us know what will happen in the next few months but the omens don't seem to be very promising. I will be thinking very hard about what to grow in my veggy plot.


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Up until last month there is still a water shortage in certain area's, if interested you can have a look at this Government site.



Worrying to say the least. Were situated on the Gulf Stream and for most of last year our department has had one or another ban.

In early October we crossed the Loire and the bed of  the river was being used by people in dune buggies, you clould almost walk across the full width of it nr Saumur.

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