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5pm My Kitchen window....


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Unfortunately I was in bed getting over a saw throat and cold.

Binky was doing her kitchen duties and saw a bat wriggle out of the oak lintel above the exterior of the kitchen window.

The bat then hung and basked in the sun wasn't even bothered when Big Dave got to within 2 feet to take a pic, sadly on my underwater film camera as he couldn't find my digital.

When we were in Mauritius they was a great big fruit bat hanging from a tree you could easily see he was male as he had all the obvious appendages and due to gravity his pipe work was aimed directly for his head as he hung there.

I thought how does he managed to have a wee without washing his face... at this moment he let go with one foot grabbed with his other end and swung up the other way and had a good long wee, had a shake and turned upside down again.

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