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Urgent help with baby bird!

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Hi, I have a nest in one of my batiments that I believe are blackbirds.  Any way, the eggs hatched about two weeks ago and there were three babies. Today I heard a comotion in the batiment and one of the babies had flown/fallen into a large box, I managed to get it out of the box and it hopped into the batiment, then it hopped out into the garden. I could see the mother, so with the aid of a neighbour, we caught it and tried to put it in a tree. It jumped down and went into the adjoining batiment. Question is do I now leave it alone and hope it takes flight, or should  I try and catch it again and put it in a tree.  The nest is too high for me too reach and I have a dog (who is at the moment indoors!) so I need to sort sooner rather than later.  From the other bird in the batiment ( which has flown), I think they are big enough to fly. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Many thanks in advance


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Hi Louise

Thanks for your reply, I have been watching the bird all afternoon and I saw the mother and one of the other babies come and sort of herd the baby to the side of the fence, it then promptly hopped into the farmers field next door and into some 'brush' for cover, so I don't hold out too much hope for it (he has three cats)  I will keep checking for it in case it comes back to my garden and try and catch it again and like you say, pop it inot a pot in the tree. Thanks again


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