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Yesterday morning a racing pigeon arrived in our garden, he/she was

hungry and thirsty so we offered light refreshments and hoped it would

be on its way. However 24 hours later it is not showing any signs of

moving on. It looks fit and well and is very tame. To make matters

worse we have a cafe and it spent all of yesterday trying to get inside

and making a constant mess on the floor. I thought of making pastry and

putting it in a pie or introducing it to the rest of the family, Mog

and Dog.  But I would much rather it to just get going. It has

bands on its legs so it must belong to someone. Any suggestions as to

what to do with it.


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If it's a true racer, it will have it's wing feathers stamped with owner's details.

Hold it carefully and spread it's right wing to see the flight feathers. There should be contact details.

My mate races pigeons. He gets a few that go astray like this, and a few that arrive at his loft that don't belong, (he knows every one of his pigeons by sight!)

Responses when you contact the owner vary from "hold onto it, it's worth thousands", for topline birds gone astray once or twice, to "put it in a pie" to those that do it regularly, or are at the end of their racing.   lives. Some owners will send a box and payment and instructions for onward transport.

BTW: if you've fed it, and watered it, you may be stuck with it if owner doesn't want it back[;-)]


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By coincidence we had a racing pigeon drop in today, headed into the barn into the cool. It looked very tired so we gave it some water which it drank quickly and some millet which it wasn't bothered about. After a couple of hours he walked off down the route rural.

When I had rescue doves racing pigeons would drop in for up to a few months before going there own way. Also the doves from cotes up to 10 miles away would come on holiday for a few month then leave.

When I rehomed them before coming here I advertised 45 white doves and had some very strange phone calls. From wedding organisers wanting them to release at weddings to what sounded like oriental restaurants. Luckily I found people that wanted ornamental doves, some had built amazing cotes.

I am concerned at the amount of racing pigeons that must be killed when they don't measure up - the budgie breeders are the same often breeding lots of birds to gain a certain colour or type and the unfortunate ones that do not meet the grade get a pulled neck.

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If it's a true racer, it will have it's wing feathers stamped with owner's details.

What happens if it's an untrue racer, will it have false details on it's wings hoping to gain asylum, and then be re-housed under the care in the community act, go on to further education and gain qualifications as a secretary (bird), need i go on !!!!!!!!!!!! [;-)]

PS do you know where pigeons originate from, no? Then its Peru Peru

OK, not the best but its the best i got, Hugh.

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Pigeons flying in sky...

Baby pigeon says to mum, "I can't make it; I'm too tired." His mother said, "Don't worry; I'll tie a piece of string to one of your legs and the other end to mine."

The baby started to cry.

"What's wrong?" said the mother.

"I don't want to be pigeon towed!"
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A happy ending.

Yesterday morning quite by chance the first people to walk into the

cafe asked to look at 'our' bird. It turned out they were Dutch pigeon

fanciers and knew what to do. They examined the bird and it turned out

he was from Belguim. They were driving back to Holland in the afternoon

and said they would send him home from there. We put him in a box and

they took him with them.


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