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Eagle nest cam

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[quote user="Christine Animal"]

So glad you are back Weedon.  Where have you been all this time?  You went coconuts and then disappeared.  Furryknickers and I have been worried about you.  So you have been up in the trees filming birds.  How is your owl?[/quote]


I got fitted with a new jacket with sleeves that fasten at the back and found it difficult to type without being able to see the screen!!

How is my owl what?


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You all have bl**dy broadband, don't you. I'm getting 26kbps at the moment and I can't get eagle cam to load... and I've tried several times. Grrr. [:@]


Hang on, it's just occurred to me to look at the time you posted, Tresco. It's the middle of the night. Do eagles hunt at night??? If not, why are the babes demanding food? They should be snuggled down waiting for the morning and breakfast.

Has anyone been watching Springwatch? I love Springwatch... I could watch the garden bird nests / bird behaviour for hours. And probably will do so next year as plenty of sparrows and  t i t s  nest in our walls, we plan to run some tiny cameras into the nests so we can watch our "own" birds. And probably watch our cats catch them afterwards which won't be such fun. For us. Cats'll thank us though. [:(]

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That's a shame Catalpa.

It's dark at the moment anyway (I think it's in Australia?). I watched it for two hours last night. The chicks are quite big now. They sit there talking to each other [:)]. The parents didn't come back while I was watching. I would have loved to have seen tham, but I couldn't stay up any more.

The site has screen shots of the web cam. I know it's not the same.[:(]

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Hello [:D]

I had it in my mind (sometimes a dysfunctional place) that the webcam was UK or France. Didn't realise / notice it was Australia... which does, indeed, explain why the chicks are demanding food. Duh. This morning I watched one of our population of hares rolling happily in a dustbowl in the next field. Then had a good scratch before lolloping off. My binoculars are permanently to hand... though this may sometimes unnerve the guests in the next door gite.[6] I must get a camera capable of catching moments like the bathing hare. I can take good close photos but I've nothing with a good zoom.

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Fast asleep when I looked......at least the nest is in a safe place .....On top of an electric pole outside the village (Vendee 85) there is a stork or crane  that has woven its nest through the wires and glass insulation pots ..I am waiting for the flash when  the bird or one of its chicks shorts the power out and we are plunged into darkness .....no doubt it will be when the footballs on ...The stupid bird has been provided with poles with frames on the top to use.... they are  all round the village put up  in the fields but  has chosen the electricity pole  and cars passing below it........
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