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Underwater Snakes

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Hi there,

I have read several posts on here about snakes - which are good, which arn`t and how to recognise them.

A question - I have encounted several small snakes while snorkelling in rivers.  These snakes seem quite happy to sit the deeper parts close to big rocks, I must admit I have not hung around long enough to study them as I seem to a sudden desire to remove myself from the water and then start running.  Does anyone no what sort of water snakes there are in the South?  If so, is my heart start beeting like a drum and enough adrenaline to render me unable to speak an exeptable reaction?


Many Thanks,  Dan.

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A Frenchman once told me that if the snake was IN the water, it'd be a harmless grass snake, or "Couloevre" (sp?) If it was on the BANKS of the river, leave it alone unless you're certain, as vipers, (adders), like to hunt there too.[;-)] He wasn't an expert like Chris P on here, so don't take that as gospel.

However, I'm still at a loss to find out what sort of snake was both in, and on the banks of, the River Tarn at the entry to the Gorges some years ago, being as how NO-ONE recognises my description of them having red, black and yellow bands.[blink]

I find your reaction to underwater snakes, no matter what size, perfectly understandable, as I have one very similar. Good job it's not possible to scream under water![;-)]

My French friend STILL laughs at his memory of me DIVING into the Tarn, to find I was sharing the pool with a large snake. He reckons I got out faster than I'd DIVED in![:$][:$]


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Alcazar has summed it up really, the only two snakes that spend their time in water in France are the grass snake and the viperine snake, both of which are completely harmless to humans and can spend a considerable time under water where they catch fish and other aquatic creatures.

Viperine snake - Natrix Maura, eating what looks like a roach.




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