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A bird that calls at night

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Can anyone help us identify a bird which we hear each evening calling

from the trees on the edge of the wood?  We never see it, but it

begins in the early evening and carries on far into the night.  It

is a rather plaintive sound, between a 'woo' and a 'mew' which lasts

about a second and is quite soft but very clear.  I have listened

to sound recordings of all the owls and nothing comes close.  It

is probably something very ordinary but we are mystified!  Any

suggestions gratefully received,


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Many thanks, Chris.  I managed to track down a recording of the

scops owl on www.junglewalk.com/popup.asp?type=a&AnimalAudioID=7126

and the midwife toad (with lots of other interesting creatures!) on


which brings you to 'Songs through the seasons' by Jean C Roche. 

If you click on 'tracks' you can listen to a whole range of wildlife

sounds, from the fat doormouse to a fallow deer (the scops owl is on

there too).

And yes, I think it probably is a scops owl - it's certainly very

similar, much closer than anything else we have identified.  So

thanks again; all we can do now is hope it will emerge from the wood

before dark so we can get a good look.


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Val, thanks for the links, I'm sure they will be useful for other people, I have almost everything on CD but not much use to anyone else. Incidentally, the mid wife toad ones a bit "cluttered" when you hear them in the wild they are often clearer, just a gentle poop poop with greater intervals between each call..

Good luck with viewing the owl (s), never know you may have young.


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