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I am curious to know where their range extends.

When we used to holiday in Dordogne and Charente, obviously they were everywhere when the weather warmed up. I saw lots in Chinon in the Loire valley too. And a friend said she'd seen them on Jersey.

I live on the Calvados/Orne border and the front of our home is a real suntrap....but I haven't seen any lizards at all in four years we've had the house.

So....what is the farthest north those little lizards go? And will I ever spot one in Normandy?

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Blimey...I'm not well up on my Lizards, Chris.

I know we even have some species of them in England......But what I mean is the little chaps that are so numerous in the rock walls ....long whippy tails and just a few inches long.

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As far as I can tell you should be able to see them "up north", maybe not in such large numbers but they are recorded as being there. The only part of France where they are not present is the extreme north east, close to Belgium.


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