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Found an egg (in the sink)

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Hello everyone who understands nature.....

Tina found what was obviously an egg in the kitchen sink this morning. I say obviously, because when she poked it with a fork, it burst & had a yolk and "white" (or clear).

Before it popped it was bright yellow, perfectly round and about 10mm in diameter. My first thought was that it was an unripe cherry tomato. The skin was not as hard as a bird's egg, but harder than a tomamto skin.

The only explaination I can offer for it being in the sink was that I washed a (shop-bought) lettuce in there last night.

We are in warm, damp Brittany....

Any ideas?


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The most likely answer is that it was a lizards egg, but how it arrived in you sink is a little strange, difficult to see how it could have been in a shop bought lettuce, but life is full of little mysteries.

Earlier this year while making night time observations of local ponds, I visited one which was constructed of stone with a long slope on one side for animals to reach the water, all cobbled stone, and sitting on the stones half way down the slope I found a starlings egg, all on its own and completely undamaged.

Confused? I often am!


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Maybe the lizard went into the sink in the hot weather.  Sometimes when I pick up the pots of chives, mint etc. to water them there is a little lizard in or under them, probably for the damp.

But I just found a lizard floating dead in the horses' water.  It's only a plastic dustbin, not very big, and there is a large piece of wood standing in it to avoid this and enable them to climb out.  This is also how he must have got in.  I can't understand how he got drowned.   [:(]   Can't they swim Chris?

I also put a shallow dish of water out for them with a stone in.



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