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Are you being bitten?

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Is it me or is anyone else experiencing being bitten at the moment.  Have spent most of the summer without being attacked, but since the weekend have got dozens of bites.  Its not just me as the kids have also got them.

They seem to be in all the 'warm' areas of the body, not just a single bite in one area, but between 3 and 7 at a time.

They are driving me crazy. 

We live in dept 79

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Yep , me too, Dotty!

Is it the Aoutas already? I thought they were later though last year????

I put a post on a week or so ago about this and no-one else said they were being bitten! I though it was just me being a flea bag!!

Glad i have know found someone else who is getting eaten!!!! [:)]

Happy scratching!


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