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irresponsible spraying


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I was horrified today to see a tractor with container of something evil on the back, the driver spraying with a large manually held hosepipe along the edges of a nearby lane. Clouds of the stuff blowing about and the driver with no protection at all. Our dogs started to chase it but I managed to get them in. Surely the driver can't be ignorant of the dangers? Pat.

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It's a soil improver - and totally accepted by the organic gardeners.  It helps break down heavy clays and balances out acidic (peaty for example) soils.

However if he was spraying the hedgerow it seems unlikely - but the real point I was trying to make is that since we do not know what he was spraying we have no idea if there was any risk to anyone/anything at all.   We simply have no idea whether the farmer was acting responsibly, or maybe with criminal negligence.

There is a general misunderstanding in the community at large that "chemicals" are bad/dangerous, and we should stick with "natural" products.  In some, even many, cases this may be true, but we are surrounded by chemicals and are even made up of them ourselves.

Just as an example:

Water is a chemical - and jolly good for you in the correct amounts.

Belladonna - deadly night shade - is natural, and appart from putting a tincture in the  eyes to dilate the pupils, I would not recommend being in contact with it.

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