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Black and yellow lizards


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Hi I live in dep 23 and for about 3-4 weeks now i have came across these Black and Yellow lizards (all dead due to being run over) 

the latest one was tonight when out with a walk with the dog  I finaly came across a live one about 5 " long

now unlike the liziards up at the house this one just stoped dead in its tracks and did the whole  "im dead just leave me alone" type of stunt

so now for the big Q What kind of lizard is it and I hope not any kind of threat to my dog its just that its a very black shade with two very bright shades of wavey yellow running down its back

Thanks alex

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It's not a lizard, it's a salamander, alex.  It's not a very good idea to let your dog touch them with their mouths, and if you handle them yourself it's as well to wash your hands before you touch your mouth, not that I ever do, tut, tut.

They are very common all over France, they may even be breeding by now.


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Last year we noticed one living in the hole that contains our water meter.  It has a cover over it so it is always dark and there is a puddle of water at the bottom.  We were a bit worried in case it had fallen in and was stuck down there.  Now there are two black and yellow ones and a smaller brown one.  So I guess they can get out somehow and are happy enough !

Dave    Kent & 50

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