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migrating geese


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Cranes do indeed fly in "V" formation or long lines, never in a loose flock. If I knew where you see them twice a year it would be easier to have a better idea of what you are seeing.

I just posted this in another thread, please update your profile and include your region, it really would be very helpful, thanks.


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Hi I'm in 16 near Ruffec. They go past every year, they were night flying this year, about two weeks ago flying south over our hous in the early evening, dark, but not so dark we couldn't see the outline of the v and we could hear them too. Will try and do the profile biti if I can work out how to do it ....
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La Grue cendrée in French. The first link is to the recording log, the second is all about them, but in French! It's well worth a look and I think there may be some parts in English.



Some will be going to Spain, others will be staying in France, around the large lakes in Aquitaine for example.

See how you get on with the links, Chris


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